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Why do we need such a course ?
  • Look at the complexity of the world today and how we struggle to make the right choices
    • We have made progress yet we're less peaceful and more stressed
    • We have plenty of material comforts but we're less happy
    • The drive for success has not translated into greater happiness. Why?


    A Harvard University study indicates that in achieving success, only 15% is contributed by information, while 85% comes from attitude. Yet 100% of modern education is focused only on facts and figures, information, and still more information!

The course will help children
  • Feel good about themselves irrespective of competition and marks
  • Make the right choices
  • Grow up with values that enable success, happiness and growth
  • Contribute to world
  • Become creative, energetic and free from hatred and prejudice
Fun Learning Design
Theme split into shorter sessions
  • 'child friendly' with use of stories and examples
  • Group activities and team presentations
  • Certified teachers and computer-assisted
  • Take home material given

Even the most gifted person needs motivation to translate talent into success!


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