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Adil F. Rangoonwalla has won the ‘WRITE AN ARTICLE’ contest for the month of March for writing this piece.
Congratulations Adil!


Today we experience more stress, anxiety, aggressiveness and disturbance than ever before. Even happy persons face many problems in life. Talking things over with family and friends brings temporary relief but not permanent change. Perfect self-management can come under special conditions. These special conditions are created when we align our intellect with a superior intellect. To think of things we ourselves can never think of! To become what we never hoped to be. This is the miracle we must perform as the finest creation of God. Instead, we give in to negativity. We crib and blame others. We even blame God for our problems. This is probably what led Voltaire to say: “If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him!”


Modern psychological therapeutic work is promising. This writer has given a lot of help to people to overcome emotional problems especially ‘anger’. But psychotherapy has its limits. Spirituality opens absolutely new and amazing pathways. They are pathways, not gateways. You can tread upon them and come to a more desirable environment that you only dreamt of. But once you get there its no dream; it’s very real.


Welcome to the world of ‘Vedanta’. ‘Veda’ combined with the termination ‘anta’ becomes Vedanta literally, “end of Vedas“. For the fortunate seekers who have already entered the holy portals of this divinely inspiring knowledge, it is “THE BEGINNING” of a new divine life.


What initially seems philosophical, eventually turns out to be practical. The ‘practical’ or ‘pragmatic’ tactics we are so used to, only worsen the situation. As a counselor, I have to mostly hear people who feel they have been wronged, that they have received nothing but injustice from all quarters. Even if much of it is amplified by the mind, some of it is still true. There is some real injustice meted out to all of us.


Some years ago I started hearing discourses by Smt. Jayaji and right in the first discourse she emphasized the need to be detached. It seemed she was directly talking to me. Likewise, in other sessions, she cast light on many issues which always connect to somebody’s problems. This gave me even greater conviction to base psychological work on sound spiritual principles. The result: many of my clients managed to change the behaviour of their family members and colleagues by changing their own. People who thought their anger would be the end of them, now remain calm in the face of grave provocation. People who were eager to fight to the bitter end now feel it wiser to invest their energy in better pursuits. They put trust in “Acceptance” but without being fatalistic.


The holy words of Bhagavad Gita comprise the ethical blueprint God has created for us. Either it’s His Wisdom or our small minds. Either you row your boat till your back breaks or get aboard a luxury liner sent by God. The choice is yours. Personally, I would feel a lot deprived if I were bereft of this lovely knowledge.


With enhanced awareness we see ourselves more as Spirit and understand that mind and body perish. We realize we can be Godlike, – if we choose to be. We see the truth that what man can make never lasts and what God gives never gets over. Spiritual truths are different from the worldly logic man has selfishly created for his own good. Working in a purely egocentric way only makes us shrink and die in oblivion while wishing others’ welfare and wellbeing and working for the good of one and all makes us feel really good.


What you can hope to get from Vedanta knowledge is best summed up in the following words: from ignorance to knowledge, darkness to light, and from finiteness to immortality.