At Vedanta Vision, we act as catalysts to help young individuals discover the music within. We conduct lectures, workshops and residential retreats at universities, business schools and educational institutions across the globe on Vedanta to help young people harness their potential. Some of these prominent educational institutions that have hosted Vedanta Vision programs on campus are Purdue University, Washington University, S.P Jain Institute of Management and Research and Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies. Apart from this, we have conducted a program of Vedanta for leading corporate organizations such as Shell, World Bank and HLL.

Our flagship program for the young is Vedanta (SF)2 Program – Strong Foundations Successful Futures.

The Vedanta (SF)2 Program helps the young minds get a grasp of the fundamental concepts of Vedanta. It enables participants to question, explore, reflect and act to get the best out of themselves in their careers and family lives.

Each one is gifted with ability and brings something special and unique into the world. It is our responsibility to discover the vast potential within and use it wisely and constructively. For this, we need to understand our strengths early in life. And the earlier we are aware of them, the greater is our ability to fulfil our potential.

It is our honest endeavor to build a community of successful, happy and spiritually-awakened world citizens. Young men and women who will be able to face the challenge of life and come out on top. Because, as Marvin Gaye sang, ‘Ain’t no mountain high enough’ that can keep us from getting what we want

“We build strong foundations for successful futures”